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10 Things I Love and Miss about my MOM

Happy Mother's Day!!

The last Mother's Day I got to spend with my own mother was 12 years ago in 2002!   Little did I know it would be the last time I would celebrate with her.  Each year I still try my very hardest to think of happy memories to cherish rather then get angry that I only had 18 years with her.  

Even writing this and looking at the numbers sends some tears down my face.   I get fearful of forgetting her.   When I think it has been almost 13 years since she passed away and I was only 18 years old it immediately sends a cold shiver of panic because I have almost gone without her as I did with her.   I'm not sure where this panic and sadness are coming from because I truly believe I will see her again in heaven.   I know she has a brand new body and not suffering from Leukemia any more yet selfishly I take pity on myself and fear for myself because in a few short years the 18th anniversary of her passing will come and I'm afraid my memories of her will be few and far between.   

This year I will be doing the Light the Night Walk in honor of my mom.   All the money raised for the walk will go to Leukemia and Lymphoma society.   If your heart is feeling generous please feel free to click this link and make a donation. ANY SIZE is a blessing! 

Another exciting thing I am doing this year in honor of my mom is supporting a christian radio station.   Each month some money is being taken out and donated!   I do this because I know the number 1 thing my mom would want for people is for them to come to know their loving Savior, Jesus Christ!   I really felt that music had a huge impact on her life and walk with God so it was a good place to honor and love her!  

So in honor of Mother's Day here are 10 things I love or miss about my MOM!

10.  Her innocence when it came to technology.  She had zero knowledge of cell phones and computers but she had a great attitude and wanted to learn. 

9.  Her addiction to ice cream made for many awesome DQ runs to get our Health Blizzards. 

8.  Her squeals when cheering for the Green Bay Packers!

7.  Her ability to drop anything she was doing to talk and support me!

6.  A memory of her excitement she had when she was getting a new car- I just bought a new car this weekend and these flash backs to when she bought this ugly blue little Geo keeps popping in my head! 

5. Her love for flowers and gardening.   I wish she could help me plant my garden!

4.  The times we would be driving home and it was dusk and she complained she could not see so we drove 10 under the speed limit. 

3.  Her ability to work full time, love and support her family, and keep the house clean!   AMAZING!!!  Really want to know here secrets! 

2.  Her hugs

1.  Her laugh and smile!

Don't take for granted the family members you still have.   LOVE often, love always, and give grace!  


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