Along Came You By Estelle Corke Review

Thank-you Zondervan for sending me this book in exchange for a review.   All opinions expressed are 100% mine.  

My Review:
This is a board book so it is perfect for little fingers to page through.  The pictures are adorable and I think many mom's will read this story and agree with what the author says.   Life is completely different after having kids but it is in fact life much better with kids!  I couldn't imagine life without my two children... it would be dull without them!  They bring the sunshine to me each and every day.  

"Along Came You" is a very  simple story as a mom tells her child what life was like before having her and after having her.   The author will get any mother to recall similar stories and have you comparing your own personal before and after.   What a wonderful gift it is to be a mother.  

My two kids enjoyed the story and they are aged 3 and 6.   Since it is a board book I was recommend the ages for 2-4.  

About the Author:

Karona Drummond is a certified elementary school teacher. She has taught preschoolers for over 15 years. She spent several years at Texas Woman's University Child Development Center and several years at the University of North Texas Child Development Laboratory. Her publications include 'The Running Years,' which was chosen for the 'Hats Off To Dads' section of the Tejas Storytelling Festival. Her writing includes stories for preschoolers and elementary-aged children and inspirational poetry for adults.


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