Are you ready for 1st Grade Game Show Review

Summer is coming so it's time to keep those skills your kids learned over the last school year and prepare them for the next year! Lakeshore Learning has created an amazing new game to help keep learning during summer! 

My Review:
There is roughly a month left of Kindergarten for my daughter.   This year has gone a bit too fast but she is enjoying getting older and getting smarter. 

Thank-you Lakeshore for sending me the "Are you ready for 1st Grade? Game Show"  in exchange for an honest review.   I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.

Since the game has arrived we have played the game two times.   It is very simple to play as I ask her questions and she wins money if she answers correctly.   The game board reminds me of Jeopardy a little bit as each card is worth a certain amount of money.  We have only finished one set of question cards so this game will not disappoint because it has lots of questions!  

I have only played the game with my daughter but this game could create more fun if there were a couple more kids in the game.  A little friendly competition can make this more fun!

This game is a huge help to parents.   Once I had a list of the answers she got wrong it was very easy to go online and enter the wrong answers and then they break down some areas that need to be worked on!   Can I say EASY at home summer school.  :)

I have been online looking at the ideas and free printables and it will be easy to print and help my daughter master these skills she is lacking before going to first grade.  They also have other products they sell that would help in that skill area. 

One area that my daughter needs to work on is word problems with addition and subtraction.   The site has two different worksheets with an answer key if any parent needs it along with two products they sell.  

Since we still have many more questions to go the online results page will save my results so far or I can email them and print them.   The options are fantastic.  

You can order this game for your child for the appropriate grade level.  To get $10 off any Are You Ready? Game Show®, enter code 9141 at checkout or click here for a store coupon!  Expires 7/31/14.  


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