Good-Bye Honda, Hello Nissan

After ten great years with many memories it was time to say good-bye to my Honda.  I bought her while I was in college and she has seen many great days.   She was there for my graduation, wedding day, bringing home Selah and Titus from the hospital, moving across state a couple times, and moving out of state!   I thought she still had more life in her but unfortunately it was more work then what she was worth.   So good-bye my first car I purchased I hope your good parts are used in many other cars! ;) 

Can I just get real about car shopping for a few seconds.   If you are short like me this task is a headache!   I want to see when I drive and I want to feel safe but I don't want to drive a minivan!  Can anyone relate?  I found a great car that provided that for me!  I now drive a Nissan Versa!  It's a cute and fun car! :)


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