Ozeri WeightMaster II Scale REVIEW

I will call this Ozeri WeightMaster II scale the scale of all scales! I have never seen a personal home scale that will calculate your BMI and show you a red light if you gained weight or green if you lost weight.

I have gotten in the habit of stepping on the scale each and every day! I think this routine helps me stay alert to my habits with eating and exercise.

I have been aware of my weight because of weighing myself frequently but I have not calculated my BMI in months. When I stepped up and saw my BMI I was disappointed in myself for a higher BMI but then it allowed me to set some goals.

If you are setting some fitness and health goals this is the scale to help keep you motivated. Seriously a red or green light seems so minuscule but truly it will help keep motivation going when you see the green light and help you rethink you diet and fitness for each day.


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