RoseArt Sidewalk Chalk Paint Review

Only a couple more weeks of school for the kids in Iowa so mom's I hope you have some summer plans lined up.   One thing I do often with my children is sidewalk chalk.   We have played many games with sidewalk chalk including: 

Thank-you RoseArt for sending me the two pack sample to conduct my review.   I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.   

The two pack we received retails for $7.99.   My kids surprised me and took turns sharing both colors amazingly well.   Each paint comes with one paint brush so if you have more kids you might want to pick up a few extra paint brushes.   

We used both colors up in one sitting.   It was  a lot of painting but we did use it all.   I am not sure how well the paint would last if stored for future use.   The paint can did have a cover so that would be something to check out.   

My children both enjoyed painting since it was different then normal chalk.  The paintbrushes did not last as long though which is my only negative comment.   The paint brush fell apart which made it more challenging to paint.   You will want to paint on a very flat surface outside with little to know rocks because that will ruin the paint brush.   So like mentioned before grabbing a few extra paint brushes would be helpful.

The colors are much more vibrant then normal chalk play.   We have had one rainfall so far and the chalk did not completely go away yet.   I'm not worried I know it will come off but it's nice to know that this art might stick around a little longer.    

As school years end make sure you pick up some sidewalk chalk for those moments when your children say, "I'm bored!"  

Update 5/13/14
We have had 2 rain storms come through and you can still see the orange and blue chalk paint.  It has faded some but still a lot left and it is making me nervous!   


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