Table Dilemma's

I am too embarrassed to actually take a picture of my dining room table to show you how icky and dirty it can get with 2 kids!   Some of you could probably agree along with me on your own dining room table!   

Some days I look at it and think have I ever cleaned this table off!   Don't worry I absolutely do clean my table and often but each and every day my table gets so messy from food to crafts to who knows what else.   My table is a typical wood table and I never have covered the wood but I am considering getting a table runner or maybe even a linen table cloth.  I am in the need for some change and a room can be transformed with adding a little color by simple tricks such as a placemat, table runner, or tablecloth.   

Yes, the hope would be keep my kids projects off of the dining room table and help keep me motivated to keep it clean.   I have been making my kids have more responsibilities by clearing the table and washing it too which helps a lot.  

I am in awe of the simplicity of the above table runner and you can find lovely designs like this at The White Company.  It is elegant in white and the simple design with flowers is beautiful and would contrast great with my dark wood table.   I think it would add so much class to my table but since I have never had a table runner before what do I need to know and how do I know what size to get.   

Follow these great steps:

1.  Measure your table- the common theme is your table runner should measure one-third the width of your table.  

2. Table runners go directly in the center of the table.  

3. Find a centerpiece to add more dimension to your table and bring out the beauty of the table runner.

4.  You can use a table runner with or without a tablecloth.


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