Yay for Running Outside!

No, that's not a picture of me... you all know I am short and that person has some long and skinny legs!   That is just a cute picture of  running attire to get you ready for spring and summer running!  Do you run?  Workout?  If you answered no, it's time to get up and start moving!   Really the biggest thing is taking out the two words- "I can't" and replacing them with "I CAN!"   Once you start you will be amazed at what you can achieve!  

After this long winter I have been waiting for warmer weather to get back out on my morning runs!   I miss them so much!  Ok, I miss them but yes it is very challenging to be motivated to get out of bed at 5:00 am.    Not only do I miss the way I feel in the morning when I get a good workout in before work but I miss the quietness by the river with the beautiful sunrises.   :)  I would typically run a mile down to the river and then as the sunrise was happening I would do some body movements such as lunges, squats, push ups, planks, sprints, and so much more!  

Last week was my first run outside of the season!   I realized that I am in some desperate need of some new yoga pants, new tennis shoes, and running tops, but don't let me forget new sports bra.  

Since I am short but have bigger thighs I really enjoy the yoga capris mainly because the yoga pants tend to be too long for me which have created a danger as I have slipped on the bottom of my pants before, and the shorts make me feel insecure.   I know I am working on trimming up my big ole thighs so help me stay motivated!  

This is the time of year when I also look for a new pair of running shoes.   Sadly, I don't live near the Eastbay outlet anymore so shoe shopping is less fun.   I always managed to get the best deals because I have small feet so many more choices to go through in the clearance racks.  

I have found some cute workout apparel on Sweaty Betty .  I really like some of the tank tops.   It's nice to find some tops that are not skin tight so you feel more loose for different types of workouts such as running or weight lifting.  The site also is super helpful as it lists several ideas on what to wear for the type of activity you like.  

If you like to run you should wear breathable and quick drying clothes, along with a good supportive bra and shoes that fit your feet.   


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