Cordova Drag Races

My son is showing a huge interest in fast cars!   When Nana was in town last week we went to Cordova Speedway and my son became passionate about cars while there.   He did not want to sit and only watch cars he kept saying, "I want to ride" "ride in a blue car mom!"  We did find a nice gentelmen who allowed my kids to sit in his blue car.   My son was still not satisfied with only sitting in the car, he really wanted to go and go fast like the races!   

 Yes, he made several faces like that... Excitement!  Fun! Enjoyment!  My little 3 year old has been asking to go back already too! 

Here is my hubby, son, and nephew at the races!   Even the face of my three year old little boy is one of satisfaction!  

 Thanks Nana for an awesome visit and taking us to our first drag race.   Now that I know it is so close I imagine a certain three year old will convince us to go again... and again!!