Father's Day at Maquoketa Caves

I am so proud of myself for planning a great adventure for our family to surprise my awesome hubby on Father's Day.  I asked around and found a great state park not very far from our house.   We went to Maquoketa Caves in Iowa.  

It was spectacular and I can't wait to go again- next time we are going all out and buying head lights to go deeper into some of the caves! 

Here is the happy family out hiking and exploring!   I was very proud of my kids for being brave and doing a lot of walking.  

This is looking out from inside the huge opening of one of the caves.   It was so peaceful!

This picture is one of the views as we were walking down to get to one of the bigger caves.  

This boulder was huge and just balancing on this small section of rock.   It was very neat!

I just enjoyed the green in this picture and looking up!  

They are becoming best friends!  

Following daddy across the stream!   We had some awesome leap frog-ers!  

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy ever!   Hope you had a great day!

I could go on sharing more and more pictures but I will stop and just let you know that if you are ever in Iowa this is one place I highly recommend!   It was free too!!  :)


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