Summer 2014 Ice Cream Tour #1 JuJube

One of the items on the summer bucket list is going on a weekly ice cream/frozen yogurt trip.  

The first stop was Jujube a do it yourself frozen yogurt place.   I personally get overwhelmed with all the choices and usually struggle with knowing what toppings I should pair.   NOT THIS TIME!   I made a great choice with peanut butter yogurt, Reese's Pieces, and almond slivers.   It was awesome!  :)   

The kids creations... well, lets just say CANDY RUSH!  Both kids got watermelon sherbet and then added gummy worms, and sprinkles, and some other candy pieces.   Gag me... it was sugar overload and taste bud crazy.

Jujube is .45 cents per ounce so you are in control of your own price for your dessert.  The inside of the shop was very bright and fun for the family!  I loved the bright green color and some of the seating was very fun and different!  The topping tables were all clean and organized so it was easy to get creative with your dessert making skills.  :)

Stay tuned for tour #2 coming next week!  :)