Summer 2014 Ice Cream Tour #2- Big Dave and Holly's

Sometimes you need to enjoy what you have in your own town and support local business.  I really enjoyed our ice cream tour date at Big Dave and Holly's.   The hubby and I shared a Peanut Butter Shake and it was amazing!   The kids had cones and we also had some extra family and friends with us for this adventure! 

I am missing one person from the group... Nana sorry I must not have gotten a picture of you as I was stuffing my face with yummy shake.  

As you can see everyone enjoyed their treat.   I enjoyed meeting the owner, Holly.   I have been living here for one year, so it is time to get to know all these wonderful neighbors!   

This small and adorable ma an pa shop is right along the main road and has a river view.  There is minimal seating inside but do offer seating outside to enjoy the view.  

Holly also spoiled us and gave us a free sample of peanut butter, banana, and brownie ice cream from a customers extra's.   That was delicious as well.   I really enjoyed that we could suggest any ice cream creation and they would make it.   If it's not on the menu you can always ask... what a great idea!  I also love looking at the photography on the walls displaying our town's history!  :)  

Big Dave and Holly's this family will be back again...probably soon because peanut butter in a shake is my BFF right now!  :)  My mouth is watering right now thinking about it.