Summer 2014 Ice Cream Tour #5- Briqs

I was excited for my trip back to Wisconsin to visit this ice cream place, BRIQS!   I was unaware how disappointed I would be when I walked up to the window to order the "Funky Monkey."   The sign read:

I may sound stupid saying this but I was about to have tears coming down my face.   I came 5 hours to get a funky monkey and now there is no Krunch coating for the tasty treat my tongue has been waiting for.   So the funky monkey is vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, banana, and last but not least krunch coat.  It was a very sad day! So I understand it was a manufactruing issue for the Krunch shortage so I actually went online and was looking to find my own Krunch to order and I to found it difficult.   I saw several items "currently out of stock!"   I did however find a recipe!   So keep checking back for my adventure in making my own crunch coating!  :)   

So I still ordered the Funky Monkey and did add sprinkles but it was not near as delicious with the original krunch! 

These two kids could care less about my disappointment.  When you are 6 and 3 you find the simple pleasure of mom taking you to get ice cream- so maybe I should focus on that!   My kids have been spoiled this summer with ice cream!  I am thankful I can afford to splurge treats on them and I have enjoyed all the different places we have been at.  

Overall, Briqs is a great outside ice cream shop.   When we lived in Wisconsin it would close after Christmas till February and opening day we would take  the youth kids on a walk to get ice cream.   Yes, it still was snowy and freezing outside and walking back in the freezing cold weather holding ice cream was not an easy task it was still fun and a thrill! 

Dear Briqs,
When you get the Krunch Coat in can you send me some?   I need to create my own Funky Monkey at home since there is no Briqs in Iowa!   I promise each summer when I visit Wisconsin to still pay you a visit!  :)   


Mel said…
Another Krunch Kote lover here :) I once purchased a bunch from Briq's. You may want to ask them if they'll sell you some next time you are up!