Ice Cream Tour #3- Culver's (Custard)

 Adults can have the kid's scoopie meals!  :)  Who wouldn't get the scoopie meal to get a free scoop of ice cream with a topping!   YUM! I also think the price is fantastic- you get your choice of burger or chicken and choice of fries or applesauce, a drink, and a scoop of ice cream.   

My son ordered chocolate ice cream with Reese's on top while my daughter got her favorite, vanilla with Andes Mint. I got the flavor of the day and it was amazing!  It was vanilla with a swirl of carmel and cookie dough chunks!   It was awesome!  Yes, I do know that Culvers does not serve ice cream but rather custard but this still counts towards our ice cream tour just like frozen yogurt places!  :)  The custard is so creamy and smooth that it is one of my favorite places to get dessert.  

These two give Culvers two thumbs up for lunch or dinner anytime!   Plus it sure beats McDonalds any day! 


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