Ice Cream Tour #4- Peachwave

Yes, this is another frozen yogurt place!   The family and I headed there after having some fun swimming at a local pool.   I LOVE SUMMER AND SWIMMING!

I am going to be real and just tell you that I was not impressed with Peachwave.   The flavor of the yogurt was not good and the toppings did not seem very fresh to me.  

My children still enjoyed their treats so that was good.   

One neat thing that Peachwave offered that the other yogurt places I have been to is this handy divider so you can get more than one flavor.  I tried peanut butter with cookie dough with vanilla and heath toppings.   The cookie dough did not taste right and the peanut butter yogurt didn't have much peanut butter taste.  

The look and feel of Peachwave was great!   I liked the neat tables and the place seemed very clean.   The price was .45 cents per ounce.   For our family I felt like we spend way to much for ice cream so it is not a place where we will go again.