Playing and Polito's in Wausau Wisconsin

Well my little boy is growing up so fast and showing a big interest in cars and racing.   He was so full of joy riding around the house in this little four wheeler.   I think we might need to buy one!   :)   Wonder if I can find one at a garage sale or better yet get one to review.  :)  My daughter was also a little speedster and enjoyed this a lot! 

I can't go to Wausau Wisconsin without going to Polito's Pizza!   The slices are huge and my favorite is the spinach and feta but I will admit that I felt bloated after eating one piece.   My body is not used to eating all that grease! 

The kids had a slice of the pepperoni and neither of them could finish their slice...should have made them split a piece!  They also have a few other neat pizza toppings that makes them stick out compared to other pizza chains.   They  have steak and fry, mac n cheese, tomato basil, chicken bacon ranch, and many more!