Spoken Word Experience

Have you ever had the chance to listen to live spoken word?   Spoken Word:
  1. Spoken word is performance-based poetry that is focused on the aesthetics of word play and story-telling. It often includes collaboration and experimentation with other art forms such as music, theater, and dance.
  2. The spoken word I listen to was very Jesus focused and testimony driven.   Hear these boys share how Christ has changed their lives was awe inspiring.   I know my hubby is going back this weekend to share his spoken word but I will be out of town but I am still thinking there is a chance I might have something to share.   God has done so much in my life so why not share it and give Him the Glory!!  
  3. I have some pictures of the boys I had the privilege to hear and hope to get to know them better because God has a huge calling on their lives!   On the bottom is a great video I found showing you what a spoken words is like!  :)  Listen to it because it will give you chills.    

So what story do you have to tell?   How can you share Christ's goodness with others.   We were in a coffee shop late on a Saturday night doing this with drunks all around.   We are truly going where Jesus and His light need to shine!  Get your boldness on and go meet people who need to hear your testimony and our JESUS.