Summer 2014 Ice Cream Tour #7- Country Style

Yes, we still have more places to try for ice cream in this area!   YUM! 

This week we went to Country Style where they had old fashion and soft serve ice cream.   

I fell in love with the little store.  The colors are awesome and the hanging doors are a great decorative touch.   They also had two separate sections with a comfy leather couch and chair.  :)  This is a place where I would want to come back because I enjoy the atmosphere. 

Back to the ice cream!  Everyone gave it a thumbs up!   My husband and our church intern both ordered a quart of ice cream and they ate it all!   How can someone sit down and eat an entire quart of ice cream?  

Yes, with all this ice cream eating we are trying to burn those calories!   We went for a nice walk on one of the walking path's in Davenport!