Three Reasons Students Should Study Abroad

When faced with a busy academic schedule during high school and college, it can be 

difficult to imagine taking the time to study in a foreign country. Travel is expensive, and 

learning a new culture, language, and location can carry with it some complex learning 

curves in addition to completing your studies. However, the travel experiences people 

can have during secondary school and university studies may bring with them unique, 

once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that can change the course of life and enrich people 

with worldly experiences they wouldn’t have elsewhere. There are also grants and 

scholarships available through various foundations that can help fund studying abroad, 

so people of many nationalities can gain important cross-cultural experiences that will 

enrich and benefit their own lives and cultures.

You May Never Have Another Chance

Life in secondary school or at a university is certainly busy, but most students escape 

the lack of freedom that life after school can bring. Before a student needs to get a full-
time job with benefits, travel should be a top priority to gain vast experiences and learn 

to approach life with a new set of eyes. Sure, you’ll probably have holiday time in the 

future, but you may never have enough time to backpack around Europe, visit the Middle 

East, or go surfing in South Africa. Study abroad programs will take you to places where 

you can gain school credit while having memorable life experiences that may just alter 

your understanding of the world while you’re young, and give you many opportunities to 

life in a fresh way as you enter into adulthood. 

You Can Take Advantage of Grants

Many grants for studying abroad are available for students of all different nationalities. 

Once you’re out of school, you’ll no longer be able to take advantage of these grants. 

Take a look at grants that you qualify for, and take that crazy leap of applying to 

do something you wouldn’t normally do. In the future, travel may be too expensive 

throughout your twenties, depending on what job you get right out of college. Savor 

these experiences while you can to learn as much as possible in new and exciting 


You’ll Bring Unique Perspective to the Work Force

Many students study abroad for a semester, year, or their full college career. While it 

may be difficult to imagine, most of these students return to their home country after 

studying abroad and bring unique perspectives and skills into the competitive work 

force. You may learn a new language, become familiar with the customs of important 

international clients, or learn to thrive in unfamiliar places. These skills may just give you 

an edge as you compile your resume and seek to get a fulfilling job after graduating.

Many of the experiences may also inspire you to pursue further education, through a 

master’s degree or PhD. Studying abroad is also a time of great self-discovery, and that 

self-awareness may benefit significantly you in your future career.