2014 Ice Cream Tour #11- Cold Stone Creamery

Go big or go home!   Cold Stone brings back some dating memories for my husband and I.   We would buy the take home quart of the Strawberry Rendezvous which is strawberry ice cream with bananas, white chocolate chips, and graham crackers.   It is one flavor that we both agree on and love!  So we get a pretty good deal upgrading to the quart and on some occasions not many cause we are pigs with ice cream we could put it in the freezer and have more for later.

Cold Stone has always been a crowd pleaser for me...even if I get the regular instead of trying something new.     

This is our 11th ice cream place and we have had 2 happy kiddos at each place... would you expect anything else, it's ice cream!  Two things I have noticed about my children with this ice cream tour:  1. my son wants chocolate-anything chocolate!   2. My daughter is more adventurous and wants to try every flavor before making a decision.   Most cases she picks something fruity or bright colored!