Church Projects- Paper Floor

One of the many projects we have done this summer around the church is tearing out all the old icky carpet in the basement and putting down a very affordable and nice looking paper floor.  

First, they had to scrape the floor and get all the carpet and glue off as best as they could.  

After the floor has been clean you get the paper prepared.   We bought a big roll of paper from Home Depot.   We tore it in pieces and wrinkled it up.  then you use Elmer's glue, yes Elmer's Glue!   Mix the glue with some water and place the paper in the glue.  Then apply the gluey paper to the floor and spread it out evenly and flat.  

Once the glue is dry then it is time to apply layers of polyurethane which will protect it.  The floor was much more affordable and it looks fantastic!  :)

Here it is with a few layers of Polyurethane.