Fearless Speaking by Gary Genard- Book Review


Whether you are in school and have to give a presentation or you have chosen a career where you often have to speak in front of people (teacher, pastor... kinda like me)  then you may be familiar with the nervous stomach or jitters.

I will admit that I get nervous but amazingly when I spoke at a women's conference and my church God truly took over and my nerves were gone... that is truly the way to go but if you are not preaching then maybe this book can help you. 

The book, Fearless Speaking, by Gary Genard has great tips and even encourages you with simple and effective exercise to practice.   

Chapters include:
1. Understanding your fear of public speaking
2. Changing your negative thinking
3. Breathing techniques for relaxation and control
4. Body language to look and feel more confident
5. Staying focused, mindful, and on message- (a tough one for me)
6. How to connect with audiences and gain influence
7. Unleash your vocal power
8. using positive Visualization
9. Reducing nervousness while you're speaking
10. Biowfeedback for physical symptoms and panic attacks
11. Setting and achieving your goals
12. Curtain Call!  Learning to love speaking in public

After those chapters there is a fun little quiz followed by more chapters for exercises to help you get comfortable.  

Grab your pen and get to work reading this book if you really need help getting passed your fears.   YOU CAN DO IT!