First Day of School- First Grade 2014-2015

My little girl is not so little any more!   This almost 7 year old is in first grade, she is reading, doing her homework on the bus, and about to loose her two front teeth!  She enjoys playing with her brother, pink, Frozen, singing, church, playing with hair, and playing outside.   She always shows JOY and she always knows when to pray for others.  

I know she loves school and she loves getting older but I am having a hard time seeing her grow up and mature so quickly.   Yes, this will be one of those mushy gooshy mom posts.   I write these posts because I know one day she will enjoy reading about my thoughts and hearing me SAY I LOVE YOU SELAH!!  

We walked into her school to meet her teacher and immediately I wanted to run away and say no summer can't be over yet.   I need more time with my daughter!  Yet, my fear and selfishness was put to the wayside when I saw her excitement to meet her teacher and to go back to school.  You see I only want to protect you from this world, a world where their is pain and hurt.   I know God is telling me to let go and trust him so that is what I do each an every day.   I pray each day for you sweetie!  I pray you will continue to grow deeper in love with Jesus and I pray that you will experience HIS love each and every day.  One of the things I have realized this year is to not take for granted any minute- to stay off my phone or computer and really enjoy every minute with my children- LORD keep holding me to that!  

Dear Selah,

You have been one of the best surprises ever!   Daddy and I didn't even know you were in mommy's belly for a few weeks.   Once we found out though our hearts fell in love with you!   

The day you arrived was scary but thrilling because being a parent is the best privilege but also one of the scariest things at the same time.  

As you went from infant to toddler to preschooler to now first grader it is clear to see God has given you many gifts.   He has made you easy to get along with, He has given you a heart of compassion, He has given you a desire to sing and worship Him,   He has given you boldness to tell people about Him!  He has made you beautiful inside and out!  

I know you were fearfully and wonderfully made and I know you were made on purpose for a purpose with a purpose!   

So little first grader my prayer is that I protect you and keep you away from junk of this world.  I pray you would feel safe every day of your life and I pray that our relationship would continue to grow.   I pray for wisdom and knowledge for each and every situation you face, always ask yourself what would Jesus do in this situation before worrying about what the world does!  

Selah this year you will make a difference in your school but also our church and family!   We love you and we need you! 

To a wonderful first grade year!   

Love you more and more,