Adagio Tea Review and Giveaway

Thank you Adagio Tea for sending me samples in exchange for an honest review and sponsoring a giveaway to one lucky fan.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine. 

Fall is here and the cooler temps are giving me shivers in the morning.  For the past several months I have started to drink tea but typically only drinking green tea but after getting these samples last week I am now a new tea fanatic.   I can't get enough and these flavors are crazy amazing.

Adagio Tea is a fun site with the biggest variety in tea.  You literally could spend hours looking at the tea.   I found the site very humorous because if you click on the bottom where it says, "self ban" you can fill out a form and get yourself banned from the site for a few days  ranging from 1-7 days if you become too addicted to the awesome site!   That is hysterical! 

After getting a good belly laugh from that one I got to see the more serious side which includes all the health benefits from tea!   I list is very long so I will just send you to the link to read: 
Just make sure to click on each ailment to read about the benefits of tea... very impressive! 

I have had my taste buds in tea satisfaction the last few days!  The Peach Oolong tea is so flavorful that I am tempted to hide it away from everyone else in the house.  It is by far my favorite so far!  

The two tins are part of the kids series.   I have sampled the Snow White tea which is a part of the Fairy Tale Trio and the Rocket Fuel which is a part of the Tree House Trio.  The tins are beautiful and my daughter was delighted to have a true tea party with real tea.  Not only did my 7 year old try the tea but she loved it!  :) The Rocket Fuel is also yummy and no worries it does not actually have caffeine in so it is safe for the kids.   

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Giveaway Time:
One lucky winner will win the Fairy Tale Trio Tea Package.   It includes:

Sleeping Beauty
An herbal tea blend to wake Sleeping Beauty from an ageless sleep. Magically created by the good fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.

Snow White
An apple tea blend to help Snow White ward off the wicked Queen's poisonous spell and awake with the gentle kiss from her handsome Prince.

A pumpkin tea blend to transport Cinderella away from the wicked stepmother to the royal ball and the attention of her prince.   
The tins each have 15 tea bags that smell amazing and taste wonderful.  Also, there is no caffeine in the tea's so no worries with your little ones!  TEA is great for them.  

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Unknown said…
Looks yummy!!! I bet mom would have loved this!!
Anonymous said…
Looks wonderful! I love tea!!!!! And would love to have a real princess tea party with my girls!
Unknown said…
My favorite is blackberry tea.
I am really loving the peach tea! SO YUMMY! Have you seen all the different types of tea you can try! WOW...this will be awesome gifts for me in the future!
Sara said…
I like Earl Grey tea. Thanks for the chance to win.
Meg said…
I have a whole cabinet full of different teas... I'd LOVE to add these to my collection!
Unknown said…
Would love the experience of trying new flavors.
Unknown said…
I really like green tea or chai tea.
Jessica said…
My favorite tea is Chai Tea. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! girlygirlugh at gmail dot com
Unknown said…
I just had vanilla mint chia and thought it was so great :)
Kristie said…
I like fruit tea! Strawberry Hibiscus is yummy! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.
Nichole Bentley said…
I am not a tea drinker but I would like to become one. Thank you!
kathy dalton said…
i have always loved earl grey
Connie Sowards said…
CONNIE SOWARDS commenting: I like African/Mango tea.
Angela Saver said…
I love peach tea!