Family Christmas Time!


The presents have been unwrapped and travels to and from are all complete.   Still trying to get some rest in before going back to work next week but have a huge to do list of things I want to accomplish before than!  

First let me recap our Minnesota and Wisconsin trips!   We first drove to Minnesota and spend some time with my husbands family.   It had been several years since we actually got to spend Christmas with any of them so this was extra special this year!   We truly enjoyed each other and played some fun games and ate some great food!   

Next was Wisconsin and thankfully the drive was not very long!   We went to my dad's house and again ate some great food, played some fun games, and even baked some cookies. 

  Time went extremely fast but seeing family is so important to us all!   Since I am the one who lives the furthest away it always seems to be hard to get to other family events.   I sure miss my family!


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