Guest Post: Pride Mobility

Three Types of Mobility Scooters and Their Uses

One of the greatest things technology has granted is increased independence for those who are disabled. Many technological devices empower the disabled to live on their own, when just fifty years ago, they would be forced to live with a family member or in an institution in order to receive care. One of the greatest inventions is the mobility scooter, and in our current age, there are several models and features out there. Here is a run-down of just a few of the types and their uses.

Two-Wheel Electric Scooters
Electric Bicycles or Mopeds, are a great, low-noise, zero-emissions form of transportation that are also suitable for persons with limited mobility. These electric scooters for adults are classified as a power-assisted bicycles, so in most states (depending on the size of the motor) you do not need a driver's license to ride the bike on the street, nor does it have to be registered, plated, or insured. Consult Pride Mobility to see some great models of all electric scooters.

Three-Wheel Electric Scooters
The 3 wheel scooter is Ideal for using indoors, especially in the home or in a shop, as it has a smaller turning circle than the four-wheel model, which makes the 3-wheel easy to maneuver. 4-wheel disabled scooters were previously perceived to be more stable but, due to technological advances, there is very little difference in stability between 3- and 4-wheel scooters these days. Most mobility scooter manufacturers offer 3- and 4-wheel versions of the same model.

Four-Wheel Electric Scooters
A 4-wheel mobility scooter offers the most stability of the three scooter categories. Two back wheels and two front wheels make the risk of toppling over extremely slim, thus a 4-wheel scooter makes an excellent travel scooter. If you have any balance problems, then a 4-wheel medical scooter is an excellent choice. While the double wheels in the front are not as maneuverable as their 3-wheel and compact cousins, 4-wheel scooters make up for the lack in rugged durability. If you spend lots of time outdoors or going places, this may be the best choice for you.