My 3 year old... and his many expressions

Maybe it's the young adults influence or maybe it's his sense of humor but my little guy sure can turn a normal picture into a forever memory.   

I had to leave church early so I asked the interns to keep an eye on him while Anthony does all the pastoral duties.   When I got home and logged onto Instagram I see these two hilarious pictures.   

Maybe they each convinced him to pose or maybe just maybe he just happen to make these faces.  

He also happen to dress himself that morning in his little white suit so he was already looking sharp.   (he added a train hat which might have been a bit much but in these pictures its awesome)  

Well Tman,

Thanks for the humor on this day... and every day I look at this picture!   I wonder if anyone can come up with a funny saying for each picture to create a meme?  

I love you and your silliness more and more!  

As you read this when you are older I pray you can reflect and always be YOU, because God created you on purpose for a purpose!   You are so important to me and to HIM!  Chase HIM and things will fall into place!