My baby is not a baby anymore!

I have to start planning his 4th birthday party already!!!  I still call him my baby sometimes but that results in him yelling at me and telling me he is a boy and not a baby.   

This picture is one that really captures how big he is getting!  I also love how he put his baseball hat.  He really wanted to be outside driving his new toy but since the snow the 4-wheeler is in his bedroom just tempting him and reminding him so he often sits on it making car noises.   

Dear Goose...Tman... Titus,

Sure seems like ages ago when your sister named you Goose while you were in my belly.   The name did stay for awhile after you were born but then a friend started to call you t-man and that stuck for a little while but now you just want to be called Titus.  If I even attempt to call you "my baby" you make sure to remind me you are not a baby.   (Even though you are still my baby since you are the youngest... you just have to wait and see if you stay the youngest.)  

Right now you enjoy super heroes, cars, Ninja Turtles, and pancakes.  In fact tonight you cried and cried because I did not make you banana Mickey Mouse pancakes.   

You are trying to be done with naps but the last few nights you have gone to bed crying because you are so exhausted... so please please please take your naps a little longer.   

I love you dearly and thank you for adding humor and joy to our lives.   

love mom


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