Birthday Boy is 4


My little guy was blessed with his own beautiful sunrise on his special day!  

We started our day with this view and then moved on to yummy donuts for                       breakfast.  

Sadly, I had to go to work after this but daddy spoiled him and took him to a jumpy place in town.  He also got ice cream that day too!

Later in the week we went to Chuckee Cheese for a birthday party!

Yes, he did wear his Hulk costume to his party!  Why would I want to argue his creativity?

At Chuckee Cheese they have some fun new birthday things such as this cool super hero cut out and of course the pizza and games!     

This guy right here is 4 and these last 4 years have been awesome.  I am blessed to be your mom!

Dear Titus,

You are my little super hero!  You find joy and fun where ever you are!   You love to be silly and joke around all the time.  There are days where you want to cuddle and be a mommy's boy and other days where independence in the name of the game.   You're daring and bold and I pray your boldness is something that continues as you live your life for Christ!  I am praying for guidance and wisdom for every day.   I ask God often to give you clarity in your dreams and to help me discover your gifts and talents.  I LOVE YOU TITUS!  



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