Selah's Baptism 2015

HAPPY MOM DAY!!!  My daughter decided she wanted to be baptized on Easter Sunday!  She is only 7 years old but she knew she was ready and wanted everyone to know she was a follower of Christ! 

Here she is telling the church why she wanted to be baptized.  I can't remember everything she said but I do know she mentioned, "I love JESUS, and I want other to love him too."   

 Here she is getting ready to go down into the water...

Here she is coming up as a new creation in Christ! She was all smiles!

I was very proud of my daughter and I did not shed a tear until I watched it later on video.   I feel very blessed to have been there to help baptize her as well.   If you have the opportunity to help with your kids it is a great experience.   

We had 6 baptisms that day and it was very powerful to watch and be there for each of them.