Book Review: "Redo Your Room"

Whether you’re looking for an all-out room redo or a few new tricks to brighten up your space, Faithgirlz! has tons easy how-tos and quick DIYs that'll morph your room into a true expression of y-o-u. Give your walls a burst of color (even without a bucket of paint!)  and turn your fave pics and keepsakes into inspiring art. These floor-to-ceiling secrets help nix those piles of clothes decorating your space in favor of awesome add-ons, like mini murals and a magical ribbon chandelier (psst: we won't tell anyone it took you a half hour to whip up).

Redo Your Room is packed with cute and crafty ways to add pop to your domain. You'll learn how to make even the tiniest spaces into pretty places to sleep 'n' study, and clever ways to keep it all looking adorable. And the best part? You can make over your bedroom without going broke.

My Review:
I am one of those people who get bored so they rearrange a room or pick out a new shower curtain, paint a wall, or convince the hubby to do some big project.  Yes Ladies, I got me a good one who is always doing things around the house just because he loves me!  I'm spoiled!  Just a week ago my husband did a quick remodel of the bathroom floor and a new shower curtain and it feels so different!  
"Redo Your Room" is a book full of fun and easy ideas and even better most are very affordable!   My daughter has paged through the book and wants to do several projects!    So I am thinking this summer we will pick a couple projects to tackle and have some fun!   The book contains so many simple ideas yet it adds so much character with a simple embellishment on any furniture or other item in a bedroom.  
Thanks Zondervan for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.