Chocolate a day Review and Giveaway

You love chocolate and now there’s a chocolate that loves you right back—in a big way! Chocolate A Day™ Deluxe Multivitamin is a delicious Belgian chocolate with a boost of meaningful vitamins and minerals. It contains no gluten, dairy, sugar, fillers, waxes, substitute oils, or preservatives. Our pure, smooth, dark chocolate is crafted from meticulously selected cocoa beans that are roasted to perfection. 

Not only is savoring our chocolate more enjoyable than swallowing vitamin pills every day, but the rich cocoa butter helps the body better dissolve and absorb the fat-soluble vitamins—A, D, E and K. Plus you get the added benefits of a chocolate rich in cocoa flavonoids and antioxidants.
Beacuse it is sugar-free, it may be a option as a chocloate for diabetics.

Chocolate A Day™ is some of the best chocolate you’ll ever taste. It’s also a great way to fortify your body’s daily nutritional needs and lift your spirits.

My Review:
I love chocolate!   I am still learning to appreciate and love dark chocolate as much as milk because I do know it is better for me.   It is so much easier to appreciate dark chocolate when it is chalk full of the vitamins I need each day!   These vitamins, Chocolate a Day make it really easy to remember to take your vitamin... I honestly look forward to my little "treat."   

I had been eating one a day but then I read the back and adults can take 1-4 of them a day... it was like an excuse that was perfect to eat more chocolate!   HA!  
The flavor of the dark chocolate was delicious but it did however have a faint vitamin after taste... It was strange I only tasted savory chocolate when I ate it but a few minutes later if I did not wash it down with some water I could have a very small vitamin taste.   The after taste did not bother me cause it made me realize that there truly was some vitamins in these tasty and addicting bites!   

There are 47 calories in one square so I don't recommend eating 4 of them!   They are so rich anyways that one in the morning and 1 in the evening is very satisfying... its like a sweet reward.   The vitamin is 100% of your daily value of 10 vitamins and minerals.   Chocolate a Day is part of the Color Earth which is an initiative that creates affordable products which are made using living ingredients fro nature.  They plant a tree in a developing world, growing food, restoring soil, and building a sustainable future for families with every purchase.   I love when companies do this!!!  

Ingredients include:
unsweeteed dark chocolate, maltitol, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla.  


Chocolate A Day is giving away 20 years’ worth of Chocolate A Day Deluxe Multivitamin—the chocolate that loves you back.

This award is equivalent to 240 boxes and about 6,000 pieces of creamy dark Belgian chocolate with 100% daily value of 10 vitamins and minerals!

20 lucky people will win a year supply of Chocolate A Day™—the chocolate that loves you back. That’s a total of 20 years’ worth of chocolate valued at $5,988! 
That’s a whole lot of creamy, dark Belgian chocolate with 100% daily value of
10 vitamins and minerals (learn more below).
One winner announced daily May 5 - May 15 and again June 9 - June 19, so enter daily!

To enter, Just click the link below!