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Gardenfire Review

Gardenfire is a site worth looking at for any gifts you might need to purchase or a splurge on yourself.  They have so many fun items in their online store including clothes, wall art, mugs, backpacks, and hats.  I was so thrilled to be able to review several items from Gardenfire!  

What Is Gardenfire?

  Most people hear the name and say something along the lines of "that sounds cool, but what does it mean?" Gardenfire is my story, written on the backs of over 1 million shirts distributed to over 20 countries all over the world. My name is Jayme Brandt. I was born in Buffalo, New York and lived in Riverside at 50 Heward Ave. Today I live and operate Gardenfire in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Gardenfire is a brand that was founded in 2007 as a way for me to express myself, share my faith and pay my bills. Trust me, it is hard to do any one of those things. Try doing all of them with the same outlet. I chose the name Gardenfire as a word illustration of where I was on my walk with Christ at the time. I felt as though I was the dry ground beneath a raised flower bed built on the rocky Northwestern Arkansas earth. Someone was trying to build a garden on top of my dead heart. The soil wasn't mine, the seeds weren't mine, the wood frame wasn't mine. Those were all given to me. God was going to grow something in my life even though it seemed impossible. We all have a story and mine is no different than thousands of others that grew up hurting in a broken home. Single mom, dangerous city neighborhood, low income, food stamps and all the problems that come along. I can relate to boys with gay fathers, kids with single moms, Christian teens and men struggling with lust, lying and worse; pride and running from God. Let me tell you, he's gonna get you. If you are His, if you loved him at one point in your life you're stuck with His relentless pursuit of you and His desire to make you perfect. Well, I'm 33 now and nowhere near perfect, but I am closer to the one who is. He is taking His people into perfection by way of suffering and humility. Poverty is the doorway into His kingdom. Your stuff doesn't fit into this hobbit hole, shoot, you don't fit, but He'll squeeze in one more. I am learning, thanks to A.W. Tozer, to be thankful for things without being possessed by the possessions. I tend to ramble, so let me get back to the meaning of Gardenfire.
  When I hear the word Gardenfire I see light coming from the earth, dead things are rising. Flames are coming out from the leaves and stems of flowers and plants; a consuming fire that is spreading throughout all of creation and burning without destroying everything.  If we are truly on fire like we say we are, there has to be action. What we do matters. We grow in Christ and we spread His Gospel. One of the many ways I choose to do that is through graphic tees. I believe we can reach the lost, ignite passion in the youth and remind an older generation that they are here for a reason and that reason is to glorify God through Christ, make disciples and love each other. To sum it up "grow like flowers, spread like flames" as our tagline says.
  Most days we operate like and appear to be a company, but we are not really a company. Not in the true sense of the word. It is more like a sketch journal that got way out of hand. Sure we have a federal tax id number and a payroll, but I can barely describe the difference between net and gross. I have a year and a half of a college education that consisted of only about 12 hours of classes that were not called "Introduction to (something design related)". My business plan for the year is written on a napkin. My marketing strategy is to Trust God and give. I'm telling you this place is not normal. However, thanks to the grace of God we have a team of talented and faithful people that "get it". They love the atmosphere and trust me as I trust my God to lead.  Gardenfire was born in economic decline and raised in recession. We don't know what it looks like to do business in a thriving market. Perhaps my childhood paid off as God has raised me up to cope in chaos and stand on only Him. To learn more call us 888.992.2676 or email 
My Review:
I know many of you probably have several t-shirts and don't need anymore, but let me tell you you will want these t-shirts!  I am a huge fan of the shirt below because the fabric is by far the softest I have of all my t-shirts!   I LOVE IT!  I also kinda like the message and I hope the more I wear it the more random conversations might come about because of it.   I know some people might hate it but truly Jesus is the way the truth and the life!   He wants a relationship with each of us and its all about JESUS so go and talk with him and stop thinking doing certain things will get you to heaven!   

The "Let Your Light Shine" shirt is a form fitting shirt that is also soft and the message is right from the Bible and one of my favorites! 

I have a new favorite mug from Gardenfire!   Each mug has a bible verse on it and the inside is colorful which makes them fun! My favorite is the blue because I love blue and the verse is awesome! 

The last thing I was sent for review was this awesome wall art piece.   I think the verse is great and the way it is written is very artsy.  My daughter might be a little confused with the layout but I love it and it matches my bathroom perfectly! 

We are commanded to make disciples in this world... what is one way you are doing that?  This company has some great items that might spark some good conversation and might plant seeds of salvation!  I love the story behind this company as well and the creator has a faith that is inspiring!  

Thanks Gardenfire for sending me several items to conduct this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine and I was not paid for this review.     


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