Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day

First, let me honor and reminisce about my mom.   Many of you know my mom passed away in 2002 so every mother's day brings some great memories but also a soft and sad heart that wishes my mom was still here to make memories with me and my family!  Deep down in my heart I know my mom truly would be proud of me and I wish I could honor her and let her know that its because of her love for me.   She sacrificed so much for me and never really got to go do a whole lot of what she wanted but she did teach me to worship a GREAT GOD, so my promise to my mom is to always live my life pursuing my daddy God to honor her example! So I picked out these beautiful succulents from ProFlowers as a gift to myself but also as a way to remind me of my mom.   They are sitting on my table and I will enjoy them and think of new memories often of my mom.   

The next mom I want to honor is my mother in law.  She raised the love of my life and she did a fantastic job.  She is a lady who has worked hard reaching her goals while facing hard times!   (Hubby taking over this part from this point on for this lady...) That lady is my mother! I remember all the times when people mistook her for my sister, or didn't believe she was my mother. She is effortless in beauty and grace. I've always been proud to call her mom. It's her fault that I am a bit of a momma's boy. I might be a full grown man, but there is still nothing like curling up on her lap for a head scratch. We have been through a lot together, our relationship has deepened through it all. I totally love my mom.  Nana Bethann was sent the Deluxe Spring Awakenings as you can see in the picture.  

The next mother to honor is Grandma Rose!  She worked three jobs as a single mother in the sixties and seventies raising three boys and a girl. This woman gets double honors. As grandma, her peanut butter fudge is proof that God is good. As Great Grandma, she was the first to successfully coach us on baby colic. Grandma Rose brought up the man that brought up my man - For that I could never thank her enough!  Since both sets of my grandparents passed away when I was very young it is very special to me to be treated like a grandchild by Rose!   We picked out 2 dozen roses for her... Rose needed roses of course!   

This next mother is not related to me in any way except of course she is my sister in Christ... and in some ways very mothering to me and a grandma to my children.  Moving to a new state could have been a lonely thing but this lady is by far the most encouraging person ever!   The biggest thing she has provided me that has always been a challenge for me is time with a older woman... someone who will want to invest in me. This wonderful lady met me a couple mornings a week for my first year to pray and really hear my heart.   She made my transition from stay at home mom to working full time mom easier.   She is someone I trust and sometimes rely on!  Deann was sent the "Make me Blush Blooming Orchard" it is such a beautiful flower.  

Last but not least is Courtney!   Courtney is very special because she has been a huge help at transitioning me back to working full time.   It is very scary for a mom to find childcare when going back to work.   She might only have my son a couple days a week but she provides me with peace while I am at work.   I love that my son has created a strong friendship with her kids and even if he goes off to preschool next year we have friends for life.  Titus helped pick out the "Spring Showers" flowers!   I love tulips and this rainboot vase is right up Courtney's style!  :) 

How did you honor the mother's in your life?