On to 2nd Grad

That is the big smile on Selah's last day of first grade!  It proved to be a wonderful year with a fantastic teacher!   We absolutely love our school and teachers and feel blessed to be a part of it! 

This year you:
-Lost 4 more teeth!
-learned to braid and do your own hair
-read really really well and LOVE IT
-joined girl scouts and enjoy it
-took a track class and can't get enough of running, you are super fast and love it!  
-got taller
-started to write your own books
-enjoy helping with cooking
-very healthy this year
-participated in the jump for heart 

Right after getting off the bus- Officially a 2nd grader!

Dear 2nd Grader,
I love you to pieces and I hope you hear it out of my mouth daily... multiple times a day for that matter!   Every day you grow up more and more and I have to learn let you blossom and grow and enjoy life.  You truly shine- you shine bright for God where ever you go.   You recently just started to read and write your own devo's and is awesome.  I am in awe of you often as I see you singing for Jesus and the Joy you shine throughout the day.  You also get great ideas... you are a true dreamer always coming up with wonderful ideas!

                                       Love always,