Pizza Tour #1- Brix- "Get Sauced" Review

My family took me to Brix for Mother's Day!   I have been wanting to try a few different pizza joints in the Quad Cities so we went to Moline, Illinois and tried Brix first.  

We did order the cheese bread for an appetizer and I was pleasantly surprised with the huge tomato and spinach on each piece.  The appetizer might have been my favorite part of the meal. My kids of course took the best part of and ate just the bread... so I had a few extra bites of the                                                    cheese, spinach, and tomato!  
Brix has a tagline of "get sauced" and it was very clear after my first bite that there was a lot of sauce.   I first tried the Tuscan pizza and the flavor of the sauce was very similar to a spinach and artichoke dip.   They were right there was plenty of sauce on it, but the sauce was a bit to over powering for my taste buds.   I liked the thin crust pizza as each pizza had a nice crunch but yet a good buttery flavor.  

The second pizza we ordered was a chicken chipotle'.  My husband like this one much more than me as well as our church intern.  The kids did enjoy the pepporoni one as well! 

The best part would be the wonderful Sunday special.   Get any specialty 12'' pizza for only $6!   So for the price and the unique flavor options I would go again especially on a SUNDAY for this special! 

Another little feature I liked was the tall pizza trays for the table!   They were classy and helped keep the table more free!