What Every Mom Should Know about Infant Bedding

Moms around the world all want what’s best for their child and one of the main reasons why so many are focusing on sustainable products is to ensure that there is a beautiful world in their future. However, many don’t realize that it is a lot more basic than recycling and looking for BPA in tins containing food products. Did you know that the leading synthetic fibers on the market today are hazardous to your health? Not only are these fibers unsafe for clothing, but should never be used in bedding either. Here are some facts that every mom should know about infant bedding.

Fibers that Are Known to Be a Health Hazard

Much of today’s bedding is made from a cotton-poly blend of fibers which most busy moms absolutely love because they tend to be wrinkle resistant. Unfortunately, most consumers aren’t aware of the fact that Polyester is absolutely the most hazardous material on the market and one that should never be in contact with a child’s skin, especially over extended periods of time.
Polyester is manufactured from polymers which have been made from terpthalic acid (TPA) along with dihydric alcohol esters. According to the United States National Library of Medicine, TPA is an irritant that can cause problems with the mouth, throat and respiratory tract. With such worry about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), it’s a wonder that governments allow infant bedding to be made with anything even remotely associated with TPAs.

Exposure Over a Long Period of Time

The problem is in repeated or extended exposure to these toxic fibers. Mothers shouldn’t be afraid to have their babies briefly held by grandmother who happens to be wearing a polyester shift. Those few moments aren’t going to make a difference. Unfortunately, clothing and other fibers that the child will be exposed to over long periods of time could very well present health risks.
Consider the amount of time your baby spends sleeping, especially whilst still in a cradle or crib. They are asleep more than they are awake for at least the first several months of their lives. Why risk any kind of health problems when there are organic cotton cradle mattresses on the market that are safe? Every mom should know that only organic fibers should be used around their most precious treasures, their children. With the availability of safe and comfy organic child friendly bedding, why take the risk?
Saving the earth for your child’s future is noble and something every mom and dad should do. Nonetheless, there are more immediate dangers to be concerned with so it is important to be kept informed of potential health hazards. From the food your child eats to the clothing worn or the bedding children sleep with, it is essential to make safety a top priority, both now and for the future. Organic cotton cradle mattresses will be a huge part of your infant’s life and will go a long way in keeping him or her healthy for those first very important months of life. As a concerned mother, you have made the right choice.


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