Gifted in Running!

It is happening... I have found an area that my daughter is gifted in... long distance running!   She is good at it and she enjoys it.... I am not much of a fan of running so I am thrilled she loves it.   I am going to run with her and doing it with maybe i will become a bigger fan of it! 

It all started about 3 years ago when we walked up Rib Mountain in Wausau Wisconsin.   As we headed back she started running and never stopped! 

Then a year ago she ran in her school's walkathon and was the top female in her grade level!   

This year she set a goal to run the entire time and she did it!   She ran 24 laps which we think is roughly 3 miles in under 30 minutes!   She again was the top female runner and she tied with the boy in her grade!  

I know... I am bragging about my daughter but I do think it is so important for us parents to find and help mold our children in the area's that God has given them strengths! 

So do I start finding more running activities, do I sign her up for races, do I wait for her to ask to go running?   

This week she went running up some super steep hills and did great... hills I had no interest in even trying so thankfully my husband and our intern took her running on this camping trip! 


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