The Top 5 Gifts for Christian Moms

When you have a mother who walks with the Lord daily, any day deserves a special thanks. However, when it’s time to shop for a special gift, there are just some gifts that she will cherish forever. Whether you are starting early for Christmas as some people do to spread their spending out, or for her birthday or some other memorable day, finding a Christian gift might pose a bit of a challenge. Here are the top five gifts for Christian moms to help you along the way.

1) Bible Cases

Perhaps the most wonderful gift you can give a Christian mom is a Bible case. Every week she takes her Bible to church and Sunday school and wouldn’t it be nice to see her with a personalized Bible case in fabric that no other mother has? Bible cases are not only decorative but functional as well for keeping notes, pens, keys and other items with her at church, so keep this one at the top of your list!

2) Daily Prayer Journal

Mothers who live by their faith also stay close to the Lord in prayer. Throughout the day there will be little things she wants to remember to pray about, neighbors who call for prayers and people she knows who are suffering or in despair for whom she wants to pray. A daily prayer journal is the perfect gift for a Christian mom, so keep this in mind as well.

3) Christian Stationery

While many people communicate online or through text messages, many ladies love to jot notes to friends and family near and far. Christian stationery with Scripture verses or lovely religious scenes are the perfect gift for traditional moms who still like doing things the ‘old fashioned’ way. Many times you can find sets that have envelopes and pens that match the stationery so this is something you may want to consider – a complete set with everything at hand. In fact, why not throw in a book of special postage stamps complete with decals for decorating those envelopes? Just an extra something because mom is extra special too!

4) Christian Music

Today’s music artists are really amazing. A Christian CD or two from her favorite artists would be a perfect gift that she can listen to in the car, while doing her housework or during her times of prayer as well. Find out who she likes and make an effort to find the latest recording from that artist or group, one she doesn’t already have.

5) Christian Literature

Busy moms never seem to take enough time to just sit back and relax. There are so many wonderful Christian books on the market that you could find something of interest to almost ‘force’ her to sit and read. After all, who can resist a chance to read the newest Christian fiction which is so rewarding and something that will inspire her on her daily journey?
So, here you have the top five gifts for Christian moms and you’re sure to find one she doesn’t already have. Just know that no matter what you give your mom, she’ll treasure it with love because it was a gift from her child. By giving her a Christian gift you’ll be telling her how much her faith means to you and that you are grateful for all she’s done and all she is.