Titus and T-Ball

Titus just started playing tball this summer.   It is always funny to watch all the kids chase the ball and kinda fight to get it because they don't know the teamwork behind the game and just the game in general.  

My son and another little boy sent us parents a reminder during their first game.   Titus and one of his teammates truly showed teamwork and sportsmanship in a way that melted my heart.   After my son had stopped a grounder and threw it his new friend stopped and gave him a high five and a pound and then after they exchanged a few words you could see them exchange a "Big Hero 6" handshake!   It was the best part of the night!   Seeing my little boy and the other boy display such love was an important reminder that it's not about winning or losing but having fun and cheering each other and celebrating with each other!