Back to School Pictures 2015-2016

My heart is so full as I look at these pictures!   My two little babies are growing so quickly!   I just love being their mom and have so much fun watching them grow and learn more things each and every day!

This year Selah is in second grade and Titus is in preschool.   One more year before they are both at the same school riding the same bus which will make it so much easier for daddy!  

Much hasn't change for Selah, she still wants to be a singer.   She loves to sing all day every day.   She also told me that she would like to be a music teacher as well as a singer/performer.   
Selah- super sweet and caring, has trouble following directions because she gets distracted, has so many friends, likes to teach her brother, loves playing with her dog, Kiah, and loves to help mom in the kitchen.  

Spidermand is the perfect answer for any 4 year old!   I love his spunk and humor!  I get teary eyed thinking about my lil baby boy going to school but he is so excited... even if he is super shy the whole time.  

Titus- loves fighting, super heroes and lets be real boy stuff!   He still screams for "MOM" to wipe his butt and asks for piggy back rides all the time.   He loves to play on the Wii and iPad already and makes facial expressions like his daddy!

This next school year is going to be one of learning and growing for both of my wonderful kids.   They truly give me smiles and encouragement each and every day!  I love being your mom kiddos!  HUGS AND KISSES!