"Everything is Awesome" Lego Birthday- Selah is 8

Happy Birthday Selah!!!!

As you turned 8 this year my heart jumped a few beats... you are half way to getting your license, only a few years before we enter the tweens stage, and I'm sure only a couple more years before you ask if you can have a boyfriend... cause you will ask and we will discuss this! 

This year we had tons of fun with a huge group of friends by creating an interactive Lego movie.  So we had one screen that showed the movie and a smaller screen to show actions throughout the entire movie.   IT WAS SO FUN!!   My husband gets all the props for his techy way!   I could have never pulled off an epic party without him.  WE truly made a great team and made our 8 year old have the "best birthday ever."   
I was extremely happy purchasing some molds from Amazon to make Lego people and bricks.  I used them for cupcakes and a little snack to eat during the movie.  
So when the movie started each friend had a bag of goodies of things they would need throughout the movie- such as ping pong balls, finger light, coloring page, colors, candy!  As a new task was coming up my husband created a video with directions that helped them get ready and do the action or task.   The timing was perfect...it took us roughly 12+ hours to get it right!   IT WAS WORTH it for sure... so many kids had so much fun and it truly was confirmation that we need to do more movie nights at the church.  

It was a great time- kids behaved very well... all 35 of them!   YES, we do have a little bit of crazy in us!  :) Seriously though they behaved so well and we had some friends who were amazing helpers.  Selah was busy filling out thank you cards for hours!  :)

Dear Selah,
I will never forget this amazing fun birthday of yours!   You truly were spoiled on this birthday but you deserve it!   You are a great daughter and sister to your brother!   I see you working hard at school and being a good big sister.   I see you being a role model at church and school.  IT MAKES ME SO PROUD!  I admire your heart and your love that you give so freely! 
I am praying that this next year is filled with more unexpected joy and blessings.   I pray you and I would continue to grow closer together and your relationship with your Jesus would be an unquenchable desire that makes you lean in closer to Him and His word.  I pray I would help you find your gifts and talents and you would be excited to use all of them to further God's kingdom!   I love how at age 8 your identity rests in the hands of your Daddy God.  Keep it there and you will do many big things- you are a world changer with a big calling on your life.  

Love you so much,