Good Bye to Kalli our Intern

Well, it was a fast and fun 15 months with Kalli.   We said our good byes and shed many tears but we all know she will be back for visits soon.  :) 

She had her hand in every major project we have done at church.   She was a gift to us and we hope she leaves here ready to continue to seek God and God's plans for her life.  

I was asked to lead the prayer when this picture was taken and all I could mumble out was, "Father God, thank you for sending us Kalli" then the tears came and I could no longer talk.   My emotions hit me and if I try to open my mouth I will start to sob loudly.  

So if I could have gotten through my prayer that day it might have gone a little something like this,

Father God, thank you for sending us Kalli.  We were blessed by her every day.  She has set the bar high on what a servants heart should look like.  We pray that as she leaves here today she would leave empowered and fully aware of her identity in you JESUS.   I pray you would surround her with your presence where ever she is back home.   I pray for new Godly relationships at home to start.  I pray that the old Kalli would not be the one who shows up back at home but the new confident and bold Kalli who will say yes to the things you ask her to do to grow your kingdom.   I pray you would call her out to new leadership roles and guide her in every decision she makes.  Father God I pray for us here too, I pray  you would help others to fill the missing places where Kalli has been serving. Lord I pray that she would always hold dear "have faith, give hope, and be love" every day.   Amen