Book Review: "Best Hair Book Ever!"

Book Description:
Buh-bye, bad hair days! This complete guide to care, cuts and cute styles makes it easy to have amazing hair each and every day of the week. With tons of tutorials for pretty ponies, bold braids and easy updos, you’ll go from school to sports to sleepovers with your loveliest-ever locks.
Plus, get the answers to your trickiest tress troubles: How do you fix frizz once and for all? What’s the best way to get tousled curls or an awesome blowout? What are the secrets to growing out your hair…fast? All these answers (and more) inside this girly guide filled with tried 'n’ true tips and techniques.
So no matter what your strand-styling skill level is now, you’ll soon be the girl who’s showing her friends how to finesse a fishtail or do a double Dutch braid. And what’s more beautiful than that? 
My Review:
There are some great pieces of advice for hair in the book and lots of great pictures of styles.  However, I find most of the descriptions very hard to understand and create without more images showing the step by steps.... yes I am that visual learner.   Maybe my self esteem is a little low when it comes to doing hair... I have struggled my whole life.  My daughter is thrilled to have this book.   She is only 8 but she is already learning to do many things I never learned at her age.   She will sit and page through all the pictures and she is a good reader so she is reading different parts of the book.   She has only focused on perfecting her braid right now.  I am hoping as she keeps practicing she will be able to recreate some of the harder ones in this book.  
Thanks Zondervan for sending me this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.   I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% mine.