Mommy Daughter Date- High Tea at the Botanical Garden

We arrived at the beautiful botanical garden in Illinois on a nice sunny day.   We were dressed in our new pretty dresses and were excited about our "high tea" date.   

We soon poured our tea and added some sugar cubes and waited for our friends.   We ate some little desserts and got a little goofy with the photo booth.  

We also made some fun tissue paper flowers and then had to strike another pose for the camera.  

 After that we went and toured the greenhouse and outside area.   It was beautiful!!!   The many different plants and flowers were stunning.  

Dear Selah,

I hope you find this letter one day when you are older and remember the fun day we had.   The tea cups were white with gold and red in them, you didn't like your tea very much and you added 3 sugar cubes.  I will remember your adorable star dress you wore and your cute pigtails and of course your fashion glasses.  I know you were adorable and the truth is I felt pretty as well with my new hair cut and cause you loved my dress.  This date was sponsored by the girl scouts and it is such an honor to go do these things with you!   I love our dates!!!   

xoxoxox   Love, Mom