Titus Preschool Picture 2015

Here is Titus's pre K picture!   He might not be the biggest fan of school as he would rather spend his day with mom or dad but I know he does enjoy it.    He often comes home singing the songs he learns there.  

My heart has melted all over again.   You look so grown up in this picture and my heart flutters with excitement to think about what the future holds for you.   This year you have started to talk a lot more, play even more.   You really love playing super heroes, tablet, Lego's, and Turtles.  You ask to get piggy back rides almost every day which does make me thankful that you are petite at the moment.   You are a sweet boy who loves to spend time with mom or dad in fact you love to have one on one play time.  :) You make us laugh and keep us on our toes with your silliness.   WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH TITUS!