Add it Up Archery Game Review- from Lakeshore

 A new way to do math!!  

Product Description: 

Add-It-Up! Archery Set
  • Value: $59.99
Take aim at addition! Sized just right for children, our super-safe archery set lets kids shoot for a bull’s-eye…as they practice math! Children just use a flexible plastic bow to shoot safe, suction-cup arrows at the target—adding up the numbers as they play! Includes 4 arrows, plus a bow, quiver, target and stand. Measures 19 3/4" x 38 1/2" tall.

My Review:
Math has hit a new level of fun!   This new suction cup archery set will encourage addition or any other math number work is going to make math fun!  My kids were eager when I opened up the shipping box and they saw the archery set.   They were ready to get started but first some rules and teaching them how to use it had to be done.   We set the archery up right in the living room.   We made sure that every one had to be behind the person shooting the arrow.   We discussed safety  a lot even though the suction cup arrow is not going to really hurt.  

The archery set is fun and the board is very strong.  We did bend an arrow because we set the number board up against a wall so when we missed the bard it hit the wall and it did start to bend a little.  I would recommend putting the target out where nothing is behind it and it can just fly till it stops rather then hitting a wall. 

My kids aged 4 and 8 did take several turns to learn how to shoot the arrow the appropriate way.   They even showed some frustrations and wanted to give up but with some encouragement they were able to learn how to do it and now do it independently.  I am enjoying all the adding that can occur with this game.   The practice is always needed but some new creative games can occur such as greater then and less then, odd and even aiming, team adding and so many others.  We love our new archery set and you will too!   

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