Happy Birthday J

This post is very bitter sweet for me!   I was so happy to attend this little guys day but my heart is sad as I know good byes are soon to come.   Okay... that sounds way worse then it truly is as our friends are only moving to a different state not death!   Had to make that clear... but my heart is feeling a loss.  

You see this little guy is friends with my kids but his mama is definatley a huge support to my husband and I both.   Always fun to have around and has totally blessed our ministry here!   It is hard to think of them not being here. 

I keep asking God whey the season of life he has had me in latley is a lot of good byes because I am very exhausted of saying good bye to friends.   It will be a glorious day when we reconnect in Heaven!  

So as much as I will be praying for their move, to a new state, new church, new friends, new schools I am also asking God to keep us connected and heal my sad heart!   Pray with me!