Eternal Salvation Review and Giveaway

With Easter right around the corner this movie is sure to spike some interest!  Eternal Salvation is a Dove Award winning movie that will capture your heart.   The story has many great elements that will sure to make you smile, teary eyed, or even giggle.  I think my favorite part would have been watching the main character interact with his christian friend.   It really showcased what a good discipleship relationship looks like!   Sometimes as a christian we do give of ourselves, or time and energy to those who do not know Christ yet.   It is a tough job but worth it when you see God transform the life and use you to be the helper!  

You never know what to expect with lower budget film.   This one had me scratching my head on a couple of the actors acting ability but the leading male role did a fantastic job!   I loved how he really portrayed someone with medical problems!   There was also a scene that was meant to be eye opening to someone who needed to know Christ but it left me feeling "cheesy" rather than "wow he did a great job of sharing and allowing the Holy Spirit to do its thing."  

Overall the message was family friendly, everything was clean, and Christ was honored in this movie.   Faith will be increased as people watch this as some might be able to relate to medical issues, loss of job, and loss of a friend who never knew Jesus as savior! This movie left me wanting to be a better friend and reach out to those who do not know Christ!   

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