How to Create A Healthy Household

A sudden inclination towards promoting a healthy lifestyle goes beyond going to the gym. If you think about it, most of our hours are spent at home where we can be tempted by the sweet goodies shelved away in our pantries. It is therefore important to keep a clean and healthy home. Not only for yourself but to set a positive and active message to our kids.

Here are some tips to encourage healthy living in your home:

  1. First and foremost start off by cleaning out your pantry. Scrap away that opened bag of potato chips and the leftover pizza from last night. Empty out the flat bottle of coke that your child wings for every night during dinner.

  1. Make vegetables and fruit look appetizing to encourage kids. Kids are very attracted to colorful things. Instead of ice-cream for dessert, have a fun frozen snack, such as a fruit Popsicle stick.

  1. Who said a bar fridge was only used for alcohol?  Blend a guilt-free freshly squeezed  juice. Have a selection of flavors stored in the bar fridge rather than cramming it in the main fridge.  

  1. Expand your herbal tea variety. Herbal tea is the simple remedy when it’s late at night and  you feel like sipping something warm. Unless you want to be buzzing all night from caffeine, try chamomile tea. This tea is an antioxidant, which may prevent cancer and diabetes.
  1. Meditate. Build your very own sanctuary at in a quiet room or outdoors. An area with light exposure and minimal clutter can give you the peace of mind that you deserve.
  2. Incorporate some daily exercise into your routine. Whether you prefer morning Pilates or unwind yourself from Zumba workout at home.

  1. Engage in outdoor activities with your family. Kids can’t take their eyes away from tablet devices that are very easily handed over to them if parents want to occupy them. While this may hold their attention, the amount of time spent looking at the screen is not only bad for their delicate eyesight but also their posture.


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